Fruit Rootstocks

Fruit trees are grown on a range of rootstocks in order to control their rate of growth. The following list gives the approximate size of mature trees and various suggested uses.


M.27 - Very Dwarf. Produces the true mini tree, varieties reaching no more than 2 metres with little support required. Excellent for the small garden.

M.26 - Semi Dwarf. Requires support on most sites. Good for bush and cordon in limited spaces. Up to 3 metres.

MM.106 - Semi Vigorous. General purpose for most types of cordon and half standard. Staking only required on exposed sites. 3-4 metres.


Gisela 5 - Dwarf. 60% of Colt. Ideal for commercial orchards, gardens and patio pots. 2-3 meters

Colt - Semi Vigorous. Very productive and fully compatible with all sweet and flowering varieties. Will contain trees to 4-5 metres.


Pixy - Dwarf. Ideal for size containment in the garden. 2-3 metres.

St. Julien 'A' - Semi Vigorous. This is fully compatible with all plums, damsons, gages, peaches, nectarines, apricots and ornamental prunus species. 3-4 metres.


Quince 'C' - Dwarf. Slightly earlier cropping. 2-3 metres.

Quince 'A' - Semi Dwarf. The ideal rootstock for bush trees. 3-4 meters.