These are the most commonly-asked questions we receive - if there is anything else you would like to know, please call us on 01276 476 422.

I like the style of one of the arrangements but I require alternative flowers or colours. Is this possible?

Sorry, no. The on-line ordering service only accepts orders for the specific arrangements which appear on this website.

I'd like to include a message with the flowers. How do I do this?

When you place an order for flowers you will be asked to provide a message for the recipient. This will be hand-written on to a small card which will accompany the flowers.

Do the prices shown include VAT, and can I have a VAT receipt?

All prices shown on this website include VAT at the current rate. If you require a VAT receipt please note this on the comments box of the order.

I don't have a debit/credit card - can I still place an order for delivery?

Sorry, orders can only be accepted if accompanied by a valid debit or credit card.

I do not know the full postcode of the delivery address. What do I do?

The on-line ordering system can only accept orders which contain a full postcode for the delivery address. If you do not have the complete address, you can use the Royal Mail postcode finder here

I wish to specify a particular time for delivery.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to guarantee specific delivery times.

Is there a charge for delivery?

Yes, all deliveries incur a small charge. This charge will be automatically generated when you enter the recipient's postcode and will be itemised on the order screen. A delivery charge will apply per address, not per item, so if you are sending more than one item to the same address only one delivery charge will apply.

I need to give you specific delivery instructions. How do I do this?

Complete the box on the order screen with specific directions to the property. You may feel this would be helpful to our driver if the premises are difficult to find, or if the property has only recently been built.

I wish to collect my flower arrangement. Where do I collect it from?

Go to the Information Desk at Longacres and tell the staff that you are collecting an arrangement ordered via the website. Please give them the name of the person who ordered the arrangement, together with the unique reference number that was provided when the order was confirmed.

I've placed an order for delivery a few days hence and now I wish to cancel it. What do I do?

Telephone us on 01276 476422. Give the customer service department the unique reference number that you received when you confirmed the order, along with your name and delivery date, and they will be able to cancel your order and refund the payment.

Are my credit card details secure?

Yes. Your details are sent to us using SSL encryption (like most other websites). Look for the padlock icon in your browser as you place your order. We do not store ANY payment details, and your payment is handled securely by Worldpay, a division of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

What happens if the person I am sending flowers to is not at home?

If the recipient of the arrangement is not at home when we try to deliver the flowers we will do the following:

  • Try to leave the arrangement with a neighbour. We will put a card through the recipient's door advising them who has accepted the flowers on their behalf.
  • Leave them in a secure place on the recipient's property, e.g. an enclosed porch, an open garage. We will put a card through the recipient's door to advise where the flowers have been left.
  • The arrangement may be taken back to the courier depot or garden centre. A card will be left at the recipient's property advising that we have tried to deliver flowers and asking them to contact us to arrange a convenient time to re-deliver.