Bevan's Butchers at Longacres Bagshot


Purveyors of the finest free range fresh meats, game and poultry since 1929, Bevan’s Butchers has earned a local, regional and international reputation as one of the top butchers in the country.

You can find the Bevan’s butchery and delicatessen counter in the Longacres food department.

Bevan’s animals are sourced from UK farmers who understand their needs, for example grass fed beef, free range pigs and chickens who spend their days in open paddocks. They also source saltmarsh lamb who roam freely on the marshes of the Thames estuary, leading a natural life.

Bevan’s sausages, burgers, and pies are amongst the many products that have achieved national and international awards.

In addition to their wide selection of fresh meat, they also boast a large choice of speciality cooked meats and cheeses from around the world. A wide variety of products including fresh sandwiches made throughout the day, pies, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and many more can be purchased from the delicatessen. Fresh fish is sourced from Billingsgate market and delivered daily to ensure the highest quality.

Customers from near and far come back time and time again to Bevan’s. These extremely high levels of repeat business, along with new customers who visit purely on word-of-mouth recommendations – and then become regulars themselves – speak volumes for the reputation and pedigree of their multi award-winning products.

Across-the-board training of Bevan’s highly skilled and experienced workforce is on going, so that the business remains at the cutting edge of the latest developments in food preparation. An in-house training scheme is in place to develop the skills of younger butchers. There remains little doubt that the success of Bevan’s Butchers is down to this loyal, committed and hard-working team, who will always go that extra mile to help customers.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, or you have any special meal occasions please let us help with our specialised knowledge. If you want something special, you know where to come!

You can call the Bevan’s department at Longacres on 01276 452 727.