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How to Decorate the Perfect Christmas Tree with Longacres Garden Centre

Getting set up

When getting ready to set up your Christmas tree, it’s essential that you create the perfect base for your decorations. Whether you have a real cut tree or an artificial variety, you can create an amazing display. (If you want a little help with picking the right tree for you, check out our tree buying blog, here!)

Before getting your tree set up, it is best to clear a large enough place to put the tree and also have space to work around it when it comes time for decorating. We recommend picking a spot with easy access to a plug socket for the lights to be powered.

If you have chosen a real tree this year, then you can move straight onto lighting. Should you have gone for an artificial tree, then you will want to make sure the branches have been fluffed out well before you add the lights.

If your artificial tree is pre-lit, always plug it in before you start decorating to make sure all the bulbs are working. For artificial trees that are not pre-lit, then the next stage of preparation is to cover your tree with lights.

For the maximum impact with your tree lights, we recommend starting at the base and wrapping the lights around each branch individually until you reach the top. This is best done with an extra-long set of lights! If you have any excess length once you get to the top, you can hide the end of the wire by wrapping it around the centre pole of the tree.

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Picking a theme

No one household will have the same Christmas tree theme, and that is what makes each tree special and unique to you. When it comes to picking a colour scheme or a theme, the options are truly endless! Some examples of popular themes include blue moon, icy delight, sugar & spice, truly scrumptious and timeless traditions.

To make your tree decorations stand out, we recommend choosing a pallet of complementing colours such as reds and whites, blues and silvers, reds and golds or navy blues and golds. For those who love colour, you could opt for a pastel pallet or rainbow of colours. If minimalist is more your style, then muted tones of sage or champagne gold may be the one for you. If you are unsure of what to pick, then we suggest choosing two or three colours you like and finding decorations that fit those colours.

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When you start decorating your tree, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. After consulting with our tree decorating experts, we have put together a simple tips and tricks guide to get you started.


Step 1 – Decorative picks

Incorporating decorative picks into your tree is a fantastic way to fill space and start adding colour onto your tree before the baubles. For the best effect, push the length of the pick deep into the tree and wrap it around the branch to hold it in place. The wire on the pick will be bendable to give you freedom to manipulate it into the right place.

Working in groups of odd numbers, place them in and around your tree, making sure that two never sit directly on top of one another. The picks you use don’t have to be all the same, try mixing it up with three or four different styles in the same colour.


Step 2 – Adding in your base colour

When you begin adding your baubles, start with the plain coloured ones first. This will create a layer of colour across the tree without looking too busy. To get the best finish, we recommend using one base colour in different tones, for example using gold baubles in varying shades and size. Don’t forget to put them on short and long branches. By filling the inside of the tree as well as the ends of the branch, it helps to create a fullness and depth to the overall look.


Step 3 – Decorative baubles

Types of decorative baubles are any with bold jewels, cut out designs or extra embellishment. These varieties of baubles are eye catching and add flare to the tree. To ensure they look their best, try to pick baubles in the same shades as your base colour, as they will bring an extra sparkle to your tree without overwhelming the other decorations.


Step 4 – Statement colour baubles

This next stage is when you can get creative and bring in another colour or two. As your tree will be largely one colour so far, by adding in a statement colour that compliments your base it will break up the colours and draw your eyes to different sections. When you add in your statement baubles, it is best to position them in a zig-zag pattern to avoid any overlap or empty spaces.


Step 5 – Ornaments

As a final step and finishing touch, try adding in unique ornaments. These are any types of decorations that are not the typical round bauble, such as fairy’s, instruments, crystals or stars. We would recommend picking different ornaments that match the colours you already have on the tree, as it will help them blend with the overall look without distracting from the rest of your decorations. These are also great to add onto the tree to fill any areas you think look a little sparse!