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Geraniums - For The Perfect Mediterranean Look In Any Garden

Geranium (Pelargonium) aka “tender geraniums” (as opposed to perennial geraniums which are fully frost hardy) are the most popular bedding plants which give a Mediterranean look to any garden.

With so many different flower colours and foliage markings, the annual geranium (proper name pelargonium) is the easiest plant to grow anywhere where it’s bright and sunny: on a windowsill indoors, window box, hanging basket or patio pot outdoors or in beds and borders, provided the soil is well drained.

Flowers all summer long, keep deadheading (remove faded flowers) and feed your plants regularly with a high potassium fertiliser such as Phostrogen or Miracle-Gro. Don’t over water geraniums and you’ll be rewarded with a succession of flowers until autumn.

You can buy trailing (ivy leaf) and upright geraniums. Some geraniums have scented foliage such as lemon, mint or rose-scented (we’ve even had some that smell like cola!) Regal pelargoniums have more ruffled flowers, and angel varieties are more compact with smaller flowers.

Geraniums can easily be overwintered (kept in a frost-free place) and grown for many years.