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Viano Lawn Spreader Settings

TYPE of SPREADERMO BacterBio-Lime for Lawns Intensive ApplicationBio-Lime for Lawns maintenanceRecovery Intensive ApplicationRecovery MaintenanceUniversal Lawnfeed Intensive ApplicationUniversal Lawnfeed Maintenance
Application per m2100 - 150 grams100 grams50 grams100 - 150 grams50 - 100 grams100 grams50 grams
Viano rotary spreader10 Twice8 Twice8 Once10 Twice10 Once10 Twice10 Once
Scotts rotary EasyGreen32 Twice32 Twice32 Once32 Twice32 Once32 Twice32 Once
Scotts Drop EvenGreen15 Once17 Twice17 Once15 Once7 Once15 Once7 Once
Scotts Drop EverGreen7 Twice7 Twice7 Once7 Twice7 Once7 Twice7 Once
Earthway Even Spread 2000 rotary23 Twice26 Twice26 Once23 Twice23 Once23 Twice23 Once
Vitax Precision drop spreader9 Twice10 Twice10 Once9 Twice9 Once9 Twice9 Once


When more than one application is made, it is best to apply the second spreading at 90 degrees to the first.

These spreader settings are for guidance only.

Some spreader are more accurate than other so for this reason we always suggest that you check the delivery rate before applying the fertiliser.