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The Wonderful World of Lemax at Longacres

What is Lemax?

Lemax is a high-quality range of miniature Christmas village models. They began in 1990 and have since become a highly sought-after collectors item for many. The brand creates a range of items to build your own village, including houses, buildings, figurines and accessories to make the world come to life.

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Caddington Village Range

Take a trip back in time to the classic Victorian era and visit the Caddington Village. This range features timely characters for the period, alongside traditional buildings you may find in this time.

New to 2022:

  • Meet Santa Paws Wags Motel
  • Trinity Church of Caddington

Shop the Lemax Caddington Village range here

Harvest Crossing Range

Visit the American country with a trip to Harvest Crossing, where you'll find picturesque scenery and friendly villagers to welcome you in. The range boasts classic farmhouses, rustic barns, mystic wishing wells and friendly villagers going about their daily lives.

New to 2022:

  • The Chicken Pot Pie Shop

Shop the Lemax Harvest Crossing range here

Carnival Range

Re-live your childhood and take a family trip to the fair ground with the Carnival range, full of fun and laughter all day long. Here you'll find thrilling rides and heart racing games you'll want to take part in, complete with joyful characters to finish the look!

New to 2022:

  • Santa's Freeze Zone

Shop the Lemax Carnival range here

Santa's Wonderland Range

Visit the heart of Christmas and take a whirlwind ride through Santa's Wonderland. Here you'll find elves hard at work, getting ready for Christmas day. This range features the exciting shops to visit, crafty elves and Santa himself getting ready to deliver presents.

New to 2022:

  • Santa's Stratospheric Observatory

Shop the Lemax Santa's Wonderland range here

Vail Village Range

Book a trip to the mountains this Christmas and visit Vail Village, where you can take part in ski adventures, family ice skating and have a well-earned break at the lake lodge. There's lots to enjoy, from Christmas tree buying to treasures in the gift shop, and if you look close enough, you might even see snowboarding dogs!

New for 2022:

  • Tiny House Tree Lot

Shop the Lemax Vail Village range here

Plymouth Corners Range

Everyone loves a trip to the seaside, and what better way to spend the holidays than at Plymouth Corners, the perfect place for the whole family. Spend time by the water enjoying the boats passing by, accompanied by the freshest fish you can find! New for 2022:

  • Moore's Fish Packing Co.
  • Seaside Santa Christmas Shoppe

Shop the Lemax Plymouth Corners range here

How to set up Lemax

Knowing how to set up the perfect Lemax display can be daunting, and one you will want to get right. The secret is, there is no correct way to do it! Creating your own winter wonderland should be personal to you, and here are our tips and tricks on making a showstopper display this Christmas.

Start off small

Don't worry about getting everything at once. Lemax villages can be added to over time, so start off small and build onto it. If you want to make your village look perfect, then you will need to take your time. It doesn’t matter if you have two pieces or twenty, even the smallest villages can make an impact.

Plan your ideas

If you have lots of items you want to piece together, try planning it out beforehand. Knowing where to place the first piece can be tricky, so mapping it out before starting to set it up means you can easily move them around to get it just right. Simply grab a piece of paper and a pen, then start planning.

Find the perfect location

Knowing where to set up your Lemax display can make or break your village. One key thing to take into consideration is how big your village is and if you have sufficient space to fit everything. You will also want to factor in whether your buildings are battery or mains operated, as you may need to consider enough plug sockets.

For the items needing mains power, you will need to have adequate access to enough plug sockets to power your display. If you have multiple buildings needing mains power, try cutting down on plugs with a 3-way adapter to save on space. In areas where plug sockets are limited or unavailable, stick to battery powered options. These are still as impressive as mains powered options, but with more flexibility when it comes to picking the right spot in your home.

Bring your village to life with figurines

Lemax villages are more than just lighted buildings and moving displays. Setting up your Lemax buildings is the start, but to turn your buildings into a bustling village you will need residents. You could try adding some small to medium pieces, known as table pieces, in larger open gaps to fill space. This also gives dimension between the larger buildings. For a finishing touch, position small figurines in and around your display as though they live there.

Last minute touches with trees and lanterns

If you are really looking to go all out on your winter wonderland, then Lemax accessories will get you there. The range features fantastic extras, such as miniature trees in a mixture of sizes, sets of street lanterns and collections of tiny wreaths to add an extra touch of Christmas spirit around your village.


Lemax as a collector's item

Lemax creates new pieces each year, all as unique and individual as the previous year's collection. To make way for new collections being added, old creations must be sent to retirement. As a result, this can make them highly desirable and sought after for collectors wanting to complete their range. Even though Lemax may not be making certain items, that doesn't mean you can't get your hands on them, you just need to know where to look!