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Plant The Perfect Summer Bedding Hanging Baskets & Containers

This is the best time for summer bedding plants as they’ll give you maximum flowering from now right through until the first frosts of autumn. Why not plant your own hanging baskets or containers with an array of colourful plants in a colour scheme, or mix and match trailing and upright plants for a fantastic show this summer? It’s also nice to know our bedding plants are locally grown by our nursery in Guildford.

Here’s our step by step guide to plant up your perfect baskets or containers:

  1. Choose your ideal hanging basket, pot or window box (you can find our range online here!)
  2. Use a suitable compost such as Tub & Basket compost or Multi-purpose compost. Top tip - you can add water retaining granules to the compost to help reduce how often you need to water
  3. Fill the container to about 15cms (6 inches) from the top with your compost mixture.
  4. Choose a selection of upright bedding plants for the centre of the container and trailing around the edges. For example: upright pelargonium (geranium), petunia, osteospermum are good central plants for sunny positions -fuchsia or non-stop begonia can cope with more shade. Trailing plants for sun: million bells petunia (calibrachoa) or trailing pelargonium (geranium), trailing lobelia, bacopa.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour combinations and different types of bedding plants (of which we have hundreds!) – anything goes and it’s great to try different plant varieties.
  6. Remove pots and place the plants so you can see what the finished combination will look like! In fill the gaps with compost and firm the plants, making sure you leave a gap of around 2.5cms (1inch) between the compost level and the top of the pot so that you have a reservoir for watering without it running off.
  7. Give your basket or container a thorough watering and add fertiliser granules to the compost or liquid feed regularly to ensure your plants have the nutrients they need to flower all summer long.
  8. Water regularly, being mindful of weather conditions and the position of your basket/container. Ensure the basket stays moist but not wet. When you go away on holiday, take baskets down and stand them in a bucket in a shady and cool area of the garden, so it’s a less daunting task for your gardening friend!
  9. Deadhead regularly (remove faded flowers and any dead foliage) to ensure you get the best from your flowering plants throughout the next few months.

If you give this a go at home then be sure to tag us in on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can take a look!