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National Weed Your Garden Day

This special day is a fun way to remind you to get ahead with the task that every garden owner hates to do – weeding! The more it gets ignored, the worse it gets. This may seem a little daunting but with some simple tips and tricks, you could make that job you once hated into a way to unwind and get some fresh air.

Why is gardening so popular?

Following a strict lockdown in 2020, gardens became a way to get outdoors and make the most of the nice weather. So many people got into gardening for the first time and are still making the most of what their outdoor space has to offer. 

It is often said that gardening can help with mental and physical health. Whether you are totally green fingered or an eager beginner, gardening is an excellent way to increase self esteem, lift your mood, get a little exercise and meet other gardeners!


Why bother with weeding?

Weeding can seem a somewhat pointless task, but trust us when we say it will be worth it in the end. Weeds can be unsightly, and restrict the nutrients and space of desirable plants.

Not only that, but some weeds can be harmful, containing thorns and prickles. Left unattended, these can grow out of control and become very difficult to manage.

Tips for most effective weed control in the long term

  1. Only target weeds that are above the surface. Sleeping weeds are dormant until exposed to sunlight and are best left undisturbed.
  2. Add layers of mulch to block sunlight from the weeds and to give your plants extra moisture.
  3. When you can’t get the weeding done fully, simply removing the tops of the weed can help to reduce growth. Pinching the tops off can gain you time until you are able to get them out completely, and make your garden look temporarily a little tidier.
  4. Directly water the plants you want to, not the space around them. By keeping areas around plants dry, you reduce the likelihood of the weeds growing there.

Recommended products for beating stubborn weeds

Going in with a pair of gloves and a waste bucket can be enough to keep on top of things, but having tools or chemical assistance can help to speed up the process. Take a look at these top tools to give you a helping hand…