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Longacres Garden Centres Perennial Plant Guide

On receiving your Perennial Plant Order, remove them from the packaging immediately and if the compost has dried out, then place in a tray of water straight away. This will aid their recovery from being in transit and will allow them to recover with the natural light.

Your perennial plants can be planted out into your garden straight away but we do however advise that you do not plant out any 9cm potted perennials until the frosts have passed. Once they get and maintain a substantial root system, then they can protect themselves from the colder elements.

Once you have chosen the designated site for your plants, dig the soil over and mix in a little general fertiliser such as Bone Meal or Growmore to provide some extra nutrients to help with the growth.

Arrange your perennials on the soil surface until you are happy with their positioning.

Gently remove the plant from its pot and observe the roots. If they seem to be going round in a circular direction, you will do well to separate them to aid their growth. To do this, simply put your finger up into the root section and tease them apart. Do this in about four places. This will enable the roots to spread out and to aid growth.

Next, dig a hole just big enough to cover the root system, ensuring you leave the stems/base of the plant at soil level.

After placing the perennial into its designated slot, firm the soil back in around the plant and make sure that you water it in well, even if the soil is already moist as this will benefit the growth and settling in period.

Now stand back and watch as your garden comes alive over the forthcoming years, giving you a blaze of colour time after time.