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Longacres Garden Centres Bedding Plant Guide

Bedding plants are annual or biennial plants which flower for one season and produce an array of bright colours and stunning continuous blooms throughout the growing period.

Upon opening up your Bedding Plant Order, remove all of the plants from their packaging and place to a side for them to adapt back to natural sunlight. Sitting them in a tray of water for a little while will certainly help them to recover quickly.

The majority of Bedding plants will thrive in the full sun but remember not to plant out any half-hardy bedding plants until after the frosts have gone.

Once you have decided whereabouts you are going to place your new plants, loosen them up from their pots or trays by gently tapping on the sides or pushing them up from underneath.

Using a Trowel, made a small hole in the soil and place the plant inside so that the root ball is just below the surface of the soil and then gently firm it down. Take care not to damage the tender stems whilst firming down.

Once you have completed the area you are working in, simply water and allow the soil the settle. With new bedding plants, they will need watering regularly but once they become established, you will only need to water them in prolonged dry weather.

Winter bedding plants won’t need any extra feeding but your summer bedding plants will. Bedding plants bought in pots will normally have enough nutrients to last up to 6 weeks so once this phase has lapsed, you should use a balanced liquid fertiliser on a weekly basis.