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How To Plant Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs: (the correct name for this bulb is actually Hippeastrum) these large indoor bulbs with very showy flowers, are planted between October and January and flower around 6-8 weeks later. They are usually available as either loose bulbs or in a gift box with compost and pot included. Here are our growing instructions for best results:

  1. Plant the bulb into a pot just slightly larger than the bulb itself, using multipurpose compost or John Innes No.2
  2. The top two thirds of the bulb must be above the soil surface
  3. Put in a warm and bright place ideal temperature 21°C
  4. Carefully give a little water until the new leaves start to shoot from the bulb, when watering can be increased
  5. Avoid overwatering and tip away any excess water that stays in the saucer
  6. To prevent the flower stalk leaning towards the light, turn the pot regularly
  7. When your Hippeastrum is in flower, move it to a cooler place to ensure the best flowering