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All the Queen’s Flowers – The Queen’s Funeral Flowers and their Symbolism

On 19th September 2022, the whole world was watching as HM Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral took place in Westminster Abbey. The floral arrangements were elegant and humble. Chosen by King Charles III, the flowers were gathered from the gardens of the royal residences at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Highgrove House. 

The types of flowers used in funeral wreaths and arrangements are so unique to the individuals that we honour. The Queen’s funeral flowers are certainly no different. Each plant incorporated in the displays was carefully considered and chosen for its meaning and symbolism. The colours and varieties of plants picked show the devotion and love of her son, King Charles III, and her wider family.

Image courtesy of @theroyalfamily on Instagram

The Queen’s Funeral Wreath

Light pinks, reds and greens were dominant in Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral wreath. The flowers were chosen for their relationship to our late Queen, but also because of their symbolic meaning.

Pink Roses are symbols of gratitude, grace and admiration – a poignant memento to our Queen’s upstanding example as faithful monarch.

Myrtle is associated with recovery and the establishment of God’s promises in the Biblical book of Isiah. This plant is a fitting reminder of the Queen’s long service to crown and country. Having fulfilled her oath, her Christian faith will admit her to heaven. Myrtle was also used in Elizabeth II’s wedding bouquet in 1947, after her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. The sprigs used in Queen Elizabeth’s funeral wreath came from the very same plant as those in her 1947 wedding bouquet.

Rosemary is representative of fidelity and remembrance. Queen Elizabeth II’s long-lasting love for Prince Philip has now become eternal as she joins him in death. 

English Oak symbolises enduring strength, wisdom and nobility. This ancient symbol also connects our late monarch with her ancestor Charles II, who hid in an oak tree to avoid capture during the English civil war. It has since been associated with the Royal family.

Red Hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotion, gratitude and honesty. Could these blooms be a more fitting tribute from our nation to the late Queen?

Sedum is most commonly associated with peace and tranquillity. An endless bodily sleep awaits Elizabeth II as she peacefully laid to rest with Prince Philip in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Red Dahlias symbolise strength and power. Elizabeth II’s enduring power and the strength of her reign is represented by these attractive late summer perennials.

Dark Red Scabious symbolise pure love and memories. Scabious are often also associated with widowhood. Could their inclusion in the wreath represent the Queen’s status as a widow, following the death of her beloved husband, Prince Philip in 2021?

White Pelargoniums represent spirituality and purity. They can also be used to show respect to someone.

Myrtle with its glossy foliage and oval-shaped berries


Arrangements in Westminster Abbey

Floral arrangements in Westminster Abbey were predominantly whites and greens, with lilies featuring heavily. Many of the flowers that decorated the venue echoed those used at the funeral of Prince Philip last year. The white roses, white freesias, jasmine and white sweet peas used in Philip’s wreath collectively representative spiritual enlightenment, hope and rebirth. The addition of English Ivy in HM Queen Elizabeth II’s floral arrangements represent eternal life and fidelity. Could these displays at Westminster Abbey be a symbol of the eternal life of our monarch and her husband?

The late Queen’s flowers were a fitting tribute to her strengths and successes as both head of State and Matriarch of her family. In remembrance of Her Majesty, our floristry team have created a stunning bouquet in red, pink and green. It contains pink roses, red dahlias, hypericum berries, red hydrangeas and sedums. Take a closer look at the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Bouquet

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