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Pest Awareness Day 2017

Today is national pest awareness day; so we pose the question, what do you think is the world’s deadliest creature? Sharks we are told kill 12 people a year, grizzly bears 90 people, crocodiles 800, hippos 29000 people, snakes 90000 people but the tiny mosquito kills a staggering two million people every single year!

In the UK we don't have to worry about most of these animals, but here at Longacres we have solutions for all those pests that are a little closer to home. Whether its cats and dogs fouling in your garden, deer eating your prize roses, foxes overturning your bins, rats & mice eating the wiring in your car engine bays whilst they are parked in your garage or just those pesky aphids attacking your plants, we have the answer, so come in for your pest solutions today or browse our website.

Cant find what your looking for? Contact our Chemicals & Fertiliser department today for the best advice. And for those of you wondering about the above examples, yes we really have had people ask about rodents in the garage. The customer in question and her husband had to pay thousands of pounds to have their cars engine bays rewired after mice chewed through the wiring. Happily we were able to help them get rid of their infestation with our range of rodent controls.