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How to Care for Your Real Christmas Tree

At Longacres, one of the most common questions we hear about real Christmas trees is about how to care for them and how to make the trees last longer. We have some easy tips and they are:
  1. When you get home with your tree after buying it, trim an inch off of the base of the tree and place it in a bucket of water outside until you are ready to place it in your home. By doing this, it will absorb water and keep the needles in good condition and fresh. 
  2. Check the base is the right size for your tree. The base must hold water and should be topped up every day as it is important that the tree does not dry out. 
  3. Think about where you will be placing your tree. It is best for the tree to be away from the TV, sound system and central heating as this will create warm dry atmosphere which will dry the tree out. If you have to put your tree near a heat source then you must make sure that it has plenty of water to prevent drying out.

By following these steps, you tree will be looking fresh and lasting longer this season.