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How To Assemble Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Assembling an artificial Christmas tree can be confusing; however here at Longacres we have the answer.

At Longacres, we supply two different styles of Christmas trees; the first type that we have is a hook-on type which is where the branches are not attached and must be hooked onto the trunk. The second type is a hinged type which has the branches already attached.

When you are setting up a Christmas tree, the first thing you must do is assemble the base of the tree which comes supplied with every tree. Slot the bottom of the trunk into the base, secure them into place by placing screws into it.

For the trees that have hook on branches, each branch is colour coded and the trunk has rings with the corresponding colour where you attach the branches on. For the trees which are a hinged style, carefully lower each branch into position onto the trunk. Before you put the branches onto the trunk, tease the branches upwards and outwards. This will make your tree look thicker and fluffy, this can be done on both types of artificial trees.

When the bottom section is in place, add the next trunk section/set of branches to the corresponding colour and repeat the process. Finally, add the top section of branches and tease out the stems.

After all the branches are in, walk around the tree to check the tree for any gaps which can be covered by simply adjusting some of the stems.

Now your tree is ready to decorate with baubles, lights and tinsel.

To view our artificial Christmas Trees online, click here.