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Grow Your Own Potatoes for Christmas

Imagine serving up your home-grown potatoes on Christmas Day – what could be more delicious?

Buy specially prepared autumn potato tubers, which don’t need to be “chitted “(sprouted) before planting as they will go into warm summer soil conditions. Plant potato tubers as soon as possible after purchase.

Follow our instructions so that you have early potatoes ready to eat 12 weeks after planting!

Growing Indoors
(ideally in a greenhouse, frost-free conservatory or bright porch)

  • You need a decent sized pot at least 30cm (1ft) diameter – or potato growing bag
  • Use good quality potting compost in the base of the pot – about 10cm (4”) thick
  • Plant tubers giving them about 30cm (1ft) space and cover with another 10cm (4”) of compost
  • Water carefully and add further compost as the leaves sprout (and reach about 10cm -4” long)
  • Feed regularly with a general-purpose liquid fertiliser (such as liquid seaweed, Miracle-Gro all-purpose plant food) and make sure the compost is kept well-watered but not waterlogged
  • Keep adding compost as the new stems start growing, until the container is nearly full (leaving a couple of inches at the top so you can still water easily)
  • The potatoes should be ready to harvest around 12 weeks after planting (once they have flowered is a sign that they are ready)
  • You can leave the potatoes in the container until needed, for around a month, removing the foliage which will yellow and die and can be composted

  • Growing Outdoors

  • If planting in the open ground, dig in well-rotted organic matter and a general fertiliser such as Vitax Q4 or Growmore
  • Plant potatoes in a narrow trench 10-13cm (4-5”) deep, 20-23cm (8-9”) apart in a row, with rows 50cm (20”) apart
  • When the plants reach 10cm (4”) carefully draw earth up the sides of the plant to exclude light and encourage more potatoes to grow from the covered stems
  • When the leaves die down in September or October, remove and compost it
  • You can leave the potatoes in the ground until Christmas in sheltered areas or where soils are light – pile earth up over the rows of potatoes and cover with straw as added insulation
  • If your soil is heavy or you live in a colder area, lift the tubers by the end of October and store in coarse sand or soil in a frost-free place (like a shed or garage) until you need them


    And that is it, it really is as simple as that! Know you know, be sure to take a look at our range of potatoes online by clicking here - happy growing!