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Elf on a Shelf 2017

The Elf on the Shelf has been a Christmas tradition in households around the world for many years now; it a great fun way to keep children on their best behaviour (and from what we’ve seen on various social media websites, it’s a great way for the parents to have a bit of fun as well!) That is why we are pleased to announce that Longacres will be stocking the Elf on the Shelf again this year!

The whole premise is that Santa has sent a scout elf into your home to keep an eye on the children in the house to make sure they don’t end up on the naughty list. Every night when everyone in the house is asleep, your shy elf will move around to a different location in the home and set up camp to watch the children's behaviour and make sure they’re securing themselves a place on the nice list.

As we are a Santa-approved Scout Elf Adoption Centre, you can find a range of both the boy scout elves and the girl scout elves available for adoption, as well as a selection of their pets to keep them company and a range of clothes to keep them warm this winter as well as stylish. Most importantly though, we have a Elves at Play Kit to help you set up your elves in the funniest and most entertaining situations (who knows, if you snap a photo you may become internet famous)

Find the whole range online right here.