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A Guide To Lasagna Planting This Spring

Planting bulbs in layers is a great way to get loads of spring colour in one pot that will last for ages - plant once and enjoy! By choosing bulbs that flower at different times of the year, you can create a stunning container that is perfect for patios, balconies or smaller gardens. Here is a quick guide on how layer planting (or lasagna planting) works and how you can do it at home:

Step 1 - What to grow
Almost any spring bulbs can be grown in a layered format, but for this technique to work best, you are going to need to pick your favourite three types of bulbs that flower at different times in spring. You can find the flowering times of our bulbs on the product listings page - go and have a browse and pick out your favourite.

Step 2 - Planting
For this to work best, we would suggest picking up a container that has at least a 30cm diameter (however bigger is always better), then add a layer of bulb compost or bulb fiber to the base of the pot. Now place your largest bulbs at the bottom of the pot and place them as close together as possible without touching (tulips make a great first layer) Add a good 5cm more compost or fibre and then add your second layer of bulbs (something like narcissi would be ideal) Add another 5cm of compost or fibre and then add your third layer of bulbs (small early flowering crocus or scilla make a great third layer) Now top up with compost, put into position and water.

Step 3 - Aftercare
A great tip to deter squirrels from foraging is to add a bit of chicken wire over the top of the pot (simply fold over the edges of the pot to secure in place) It might be unsightly but it can be removed when top growth appears in spring and is a great way to keep them at bay. Other that that it is simply a case of keeping your container well watered and making sure you deadhead flowers as they start to fade to keep your display fresh and lovely.

You can find a range of pots, compost & spring flowering bulbs online, so take a look and get out in the garden and give it a try!

If you'd like to take some of the guess work out of figuring out which bulbs would be best to use, then you can find a range of collections from Taylors Bulbs that are designed specifically for layered planting - find them all here.