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Keep your plugholes clear of waste with a Dossil® Sinkie®!

Sinkie It's truly one of our worst nightmares: scraping out the dreaded plugholes with either gloved (or for the truly brave!) bare hands for all the old potato peelings, canned dog food, soggy rice crispies, matted hair and just about anything gross you can imagine to have gotten trapped there. No need to fret anymore - The Dossil® Sinkie® catches all of the waste before it goes down the plughole, allowing you to clear the sink in a much more hygienic way and reducing the chances of needing to call in the plumber due to a blockage! It's also a great way of saving your most important possessions, such as rings or earrings that may accidentally fall in. Where can I use my Sinkie®? Your Sinkie® will work and fit in virtually any plughole: showers, kitchen, bathroom and utility sinks. The Sinkie® has a bendy and flexible design so that it fits even the most awkwardly situated plugholes. What is the Sinkie® made from? The Sinkie® is made from tough compressed silicone rubber. It is chemical resistant and can withstand heat of up to 250°c! How do I clean my Sinkie®? Your Sinkie® is really easy to clean. All it needs is a good rinse, but if you want to give it a truly deep clean, it is suitable to go in either the dishwasher or washing machine too! The Sinkie® is available both in store and online for just £5.99 each (RRP £6.99!) at Longacres Garden Centre in a range of bright and stylish colours to suit everyone's taste:[embed][/embed]