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Build the Compact Garden of Your Dreams ¦ Longacres Garden Centre

You do not have to let go of the garden of your dreams just because you live in a small apartment or flat in the middle of the city – you just need to be clever about the way you use the space available to you. As your leading provider of garden products, we want to help you grow a compact garden of your own. If you live on the ground floor, you can use whatever space is there, even a small yard can be made beautiful. If your flat is up on one of the higher floors, you can build a petite but perfect garden on your balcony. If you live near the top and have the luxury of a rooftop, you can build an urban rooftop garden. Pint-size Patio  If you live on the ground floor you can make a quaint little patio, use any height you may have with climbing plants and a string of lights overhead. The addition of a small picnic table means you can entertain guests outdoors too. Mini Balcony Garden  If you are fortunate to have a balcony, you can build a beautiful retreat. Make the most of every inch by layering the foliage and adding built-in planters. Bring out cosy furniture or find a small bench to enhance your mini garden. Rooftop Hideaway  Build a make-shift city garden on your rooftop by including large planters and beautiful foliage. You can soften a concrete floor with artificial turf or decorative stones. Complete the hideaway by adding weathered benches and tables. Living in the middle of the city does not have to prevent you from creating a beautiful garden or outdoor space, it just takes a little imagination and good use of space. We have a wide range of gardening tools and outdoor products that will fit all your pocket garden needs. Contact us today for the best deals.