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Lawn Fertilising the Right Way ¦ Longacres

Lawn Fertilisation: Are You Doing It Right? Your lawn plays a key role in the overall appearance of your property, which is why regular maintenance is essential. Make your lawn live up to its full potential by watering, mowing, and more importantly, fertilising it frequently. Fertilisers effectively keep the grass green but weeds can still grow. This is one of the most irritating problems that can occur with your lawn. With proper nourishment, you can naturally reduce the growth of weed by thickening the grass. In addition it strengthens the grass roots to absorb more water and lessen soggy puddles. Use the correct equipment when applying For large areas of lawn, use a rotary spreader for better results. Make sure the hopper is closed before you fill it. To avoid spilling and wasting fertilisers, place a tarp beneath the machine to easily gather anything that falls. Apply the fertiliser in a methodical manner to make sure that you cover all the areas. If the lawn area is much smaller, it may be easier to use a handheld spreader. You have to walk slowly and pour equally, being careful not to overlap distribution. This is also a practical way of application if your lawn experiences sunny on one side and shady on the other, applying more where needed. Time your watering Application of the fertiliser should be planned properly. At least a day or two before application, water the lawn thoroughly. You can spread it once the grass dries. After application, water the lawn lightly - this will wash off fertiliser caught in grass blades into the soil. Avoid applying during drought or heavy rain. Utilise the Grass Clippings as an extra feed! Manufactured fertilisers work well alone, but you can complement it with natural ones. When you mow the grass, leave the clippings on the soil. Your lawn can still gain about 25% of the fertiliser it needs, as it still contains nitrogen. A healthy-looking and well-maintained lawn proves to be a vital boost in the look of your home’s exterior. Keep your garden as sharp and beautiful as ever with fertilisers. At Longacres, we offer a selection of quality lawn fertiliser products that provide effective growth and care for your lawn. Contact us and enjoy the benefits of a well-suited grass fertiliser.