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Building the Perfect Lemax Christmas Village ¦ Longacres

There are some people who treasure their Lemax Christmas villages more than anything else in the world, and their collections can grow to massive and unbelievable proportions. Some of them can become a part of the record books, while others become local attractions and annual traditions in their towns and homes. These collections take years of planning; from what goes in the village to plotting where each building goes. Some people may think about creating their own Christmas village but when it comes to it are not sure how and where to start, here at Longacres we will help get you started. Start Small Don’t worry about having to invest in a pricey centrepiece to kick start your collection. It can be a common misconception that to build a town you need to get the centrepiece and work outwards. The best way to build a Christmas village is to focus on the more affordable items first; for example small houses and cottages. Larger buildings sometimes need more components to achieve that Christmas look, with the addition of villagers, carol singers and lamp posts. However with a few smaller buildings and the addition of some cotton wool you can make a festive village quickly and inexpensively. Creating A Village Lemax give you the opportunity to expand the village in years to come which is something most collectors want to do. Buying small pieces first gives you great flexibility and creativity when adding larger items to your collection. A single larger piece can act as a visual anchor as your collection grows. To get more buildings for your own Christmas village, contact us today. Here at Longacres, we can help brighten up your Christmas décor with the Lemax Christmas Village items. Our teams are always ready to give customers advice on anything, especially on building Christmas villages.