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Lawn Decorations for the Seasonal Period¦ Longacres Garden Centre

With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, home-owners will soon be using their gardens to show off their flair for decoration around these key events in the year. Here are some essential tips for lawn decoration to help you keep in the spirit of these occasions: Lighting Whether it is in the form of bright, fancy lights flashing all over the house or if it is creepy carved-out pumpkin lanterns, proper lighting can make sure your home keeps the festive spirit alive. Make it a point, though, to examine all your electrical outlets before setting up your lights to avoid electrical problems. Music As well as creating a visual showcase, sound can also be added into a seasonal display. Christmas carols and sleigh bells could enhance a Christmas garden. For Halloween haunted house sound effects and doorbells can create an eerie atmosphere. Decorated Entrances It is all about creating a warm or spooky welcome. Inject a festive atmosphere to your home by making your entrance a grand statement. Inject some atmosphere and a Christmas spirit with reindeer and a Father Christmas. Or for Halloween spiders, ghosts and ghouls can create a frightful night. And why stop at doorways when there are so may ways to decorate plants and trees in your garden? Christmas Village What better way to create your own festive atmosphere than by setting up your own Christmas village? Create your Christmas centre piece with attractive buildings and figures from the renowned Lemax Village Collection. At Longacres we offer some of the finest decorations to ensure a creative and fun Christmas. Longacres Garden Centre is the one-stop shop for all of your gardening supply needs. We offer these items at reasonable prices. Contact us today and let our specialists answer all your queries.