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Elegant Schizostylis

Autumn brings the arrival of the late flowering perennial schizostylis. I always look forward to the blooms form this elegant plant, it gives a wonderful splash of colour after earlier perennials have finished for the year. One species can be found growing wild in the mountainous regions of Africa, where it will grow in moist places, often by riverbanks. This plant will spread slowly into clumps and is more or less evergreen. It displays upright leaves, sheath flowering stems carrying flat bright red or pink flowers that will lift your garden in late autumn to early winter. It really is an autumn must have. There are many varieties to choose from, the most popular being Schizostylis coccinea. This plant will perform at its best in a moist area, but with some sun and you will find after a few seasons it would do best to divide it into other area of your garden. So if you are looking for some satisfying autumn perennials in the form of delicate flowers and cottage garden colours, Schizostaylis will deliver in all areas. Elegant Schizostylis Elegant Schizostylis