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Gardening with Birds: Best Birds to Keep ¦ Longacres Garden Centre

Birds are a beautiful and exciting addition to any garden. It’s heart warming to see these creatures picking your garden to feed or make its temporary home. Bird watching may not sound exciting, but there is something very fulfilling about spotting an especially beautiful or rare bird. This explains why so many people choose bird watching as a hobby. As a matter of fact, we love birds so much we have compiled a list of the best feathered friends to look out for in the garden, along with how to attract them. Golden Opportunity The first bird on the must-see list is the goldfinch. They are a very common bird, visiting over half of the gardens in the UK every week. Nothing brings these birds to the yard faster than sunflower hearts and nyger seeds. Bird watchers love spotting goldfinches because of the combination of their golden brown bodies and red faces. House Guests The next bird on the list is the house sparrow. These are a noisy bunch, and fly all over the country in small flocks. They make their homes in – well, homes. There is nothing particularly special about their diet, and will eat virtually anything made for birds. Romantic Bands Pushing the difficulty up a tick, the next bird is the collared dove. These birds are distinct because of the black collar on their necks. The only thing that makes this bird partially hard to spot is that they do not fly in flocks. Being romantic birds, collared doves only travel in pairs. When a bird watcher spots this bird, its partner is not far off. Loud and Colourful The chaffinch is one of the most colourful bird you can spot in a garden. They sport a shock of blue-grey plumage on their heads. Still, that is not their defining feature. Chaffinches have a distinctly loud chirp that lets people know they are coming. Look Down Watchers will need to do a bit of work to spot a dunnock. This bird’s favourite foods are worms and spiders. This is why they like spending time under bushes and around flowerbeds. This is the only bird that bird watchers look for staring down instead of up. If you have any questions about birds and the best feed to attract certain types, contact us today. Our teams deal in bird feed all the time, and know a thing or two about the birds flying over British skies.