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A Colourful Summer: Best Bulbs to Grow for the Season ¦ Longacres Garden Centre

For gardening lovers, the approach of summer means a garden full of colour. It is the season when the garden comes to life with colourful bulbs and perennials in full bloom. While summer-flowering bulbs should be planted early in spring when the weather starts to get warm, there are plenty of plants you can grow before the season ends that will give off colourful blooms in late summer. Brighten up your garden with these flamboyant summer-flowering bulbs: Oriental Lilies The family of lilies is a big one, but there’s one particular flower that shines during summer: Oriental lilies. Oriental lilies bear large, star-shaped blooms in shades of yellow, white, pink, and crimson. The flowers give off a sensational fragrance that you can detect from metres away. From tall tree to ground cover lilies, you’ll surely find one that suits your garden. Traditional oriental lilies grow more than six feet, while dwarf varieties grow to become about a foot tall. Fragrant Gladiolus Fragrant gladiolus is somewhat considered an old fashioned bloom, but thanks to modern hybrids, this flamboyant summer bulb has returned to the limelight. Fragrant gladiolus looks great when planted along garden borders, but they also look fabulous in a vase indoors. The plant’s flowers are beautiful, while its grassy foliage is nice, but its best feature is its sweet fragrance. Fragrant gladiolus can grow up to three feet tall and prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Tuberous Begonia Tuberous Begonia is perhaps the most glamorous summer-bulb you’ll ever plant. The plant produces gorgeous rose-like blooms in different shades over an incredibly long period; it can beautify your garden from summer until autumn. Tuberous Begonia grows well in containers, too. They’re best planted in hanging baskets and window boxes. Choose a fragrant variety to hang on your doorway, where you can appreciate the plant’s blooms at their best. It’s not yet late to plant summer-flowering bulbs. Plant the above bulbs before the spring ends and have a colourful, fragrant, and lovely summer. For a wide selection of plants to grow in your garden, contact us. We’ll help make your garden come to life.