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A Touch Of Spring In December

We still have Spring bulbs on sale, (even now in mid-December) and the best part is they are 50% off! It's not too late to buy daffodils or tulips. In all the pre-Christmas bustle it feels like dipping your toes in spring as you imagine them in full flower. The garden soil is likely to be frosty and inhospitable so all you ‘late buyers’ can grow in a pot. Get as big and deep a pot as possible and plant it up with good quality compost. Bulb compost works well as this provides nutrients to the bulbs that could help them in future years. Set the bulbs into the soil as deep as possible. Cover the surface with coarse gravel, pebbles or slate. (Use horticultural materials as builder’s grit and sand may contain salt.) This top-dressing stops earth being splashed up onto the foliage and also sets off the flowers. These pots can be positioned near a window when the flowers appear so they can be enjoyed in comfort! Alternatively, position the pot in the garden where there is a dull or boring spot. To make the most of your bargain buy, see if there are any sunny, well drained positions in the garden that are simply ‘empty-looking’ in spring. You can plant the bulbs out in these places when their foliage is dying down so you can enjoy them again the following year. The pot is available for use next year!