Longacres Garden Centre Gender Pay Report

In accordance with the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations all private sector employers are required to publish their gender pay information as at a snapshot date, being 5th April each year.

In the fourth year of the reporting requirements Longacres’ gender pay gap data for 5th April 2020 is as follows:

Mean average hourly pay gender gap = -1.0 %

Median average hourly pay gender gap = 0.0 %

The proportion of male and female employees in each quartile band were as follows: 

Quartile Proportion of males Proportion of females
Upper 30% 70%
Upper Middle 36% 64%
Lower Middle 29% 71%
Lower 41% 59%


There were no bonus payments in the year ending April 5th 2020.

I confirm the data reported as accurate.

Nigel Long

Managing Director