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Miracle-Gro Evergreen Premium-Plus No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 100m2 (119662)


Miracle-Gro Evergreen Premium-Plus No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 100m2 (119662)
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Miracle-Gro Evergreen Premium-Plus No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 100m2 (119662)

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  • Available for delivery anywhere in mainland GB.
  • Collection from Bagshot, Bybrook Barn, Chelmsford and Shepperton stores.
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Product Details

Is moss thriving on your lawn? If so, you need EverGreen® No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food. This product has been specially formulated to have an indirect action against moss. The naturally occuring bacteria eats the dead moss - so you will not need to rake it out. It also contains a slow release lawn fertiliser that feeds your lawn for up to 3 months and helps prevent moss from redeveloping.

Extra Magnesium in the product gives a strong green colour to your lawn. EverGreen® No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food is organic based and will not burn the grass when applied correctly, it will enrich the root zone with organic matter and increase soil fertility. EverGreen® No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food will not stain paths, patios, terraces, concrete or clothing.

  • Indirect action against moss containing a naturally occuring bacteria that eats the moss
  • Slow release nutrients feeding for up to 3 months
  • Greener grass in 7 days
  • No scortch formula (When used as directed in the *How to apply* guidelines on pack)
  • Helps prevent moss regrowth
  • No staining of pation or paths
  • Enriches root zones and increase soil fertility

    Apply between March and September when the weather is fair, the soil moist, the grass dry and frost-free. If it does not rain for more than a week after application, we recommend watering to activate the fertiliser.

    Spread by hand wearing gloves, at a rate of 100-150g per square metre.

    For a visual guide to the correct application rate, first spread the recommended amount over a small measured area. Areas for treatment should be marked out to ensure even application.

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    J Stoneman
    Q. Is this safe for animals?

    Answered by Longacres 11/3/2018

    When instructions on the back are followed correctly this is not harmful to animals.

    Q. Can it be used with a spreader

    Answered by Longacres 17/3/2018

    Yes this product can be used with a spreader 

    Q. Does this product make the moss go black ?

    Answered by Longacres 30/3/2018

    This does not make the moss go black. 

    Q. Is this product safe for birds?

    Answered by Longacres 3/4/2018

    Yes the Evergreen No Moss No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Feed 100m is safe for birds

    Q. Can this product be used for killing moss in flower beds?

    Answered by Longacres 13/4/2018

    No, Its for lawns only. We would not recommend this.

    Q. Will the product harm my cat. My cat eats grass!

    Answered by Longacres 13/4/2018

    We recommend that you keep the cat away from the grass until watered in, please keep the cat away from the product when stored. Please follow the instructions on the product.

    Q. does the product affect boarder plants?

    Answered by Longacres 13/4/2018

    We would recommend that you should spread this on the lawn only. 

    Q. Are the application instructions available to read online?

    Answered by Longacres 17/4/2018

    All instructions are available to view online at

    Q. I have applied this a month ago and it does appear to be working. On the pack it says do not reapply within 3 months. Can I apply other products to kill weeds in the meantime ??

    Answered by Longacres 18/5/2018

    Yes, you can apply liquid weed killer

    Q. How soon after applying can I reseed?

    Answered by Longacres 28/5/2018

    After 6 weeks you are able to reseed. 

    Mr Alex Hannah
    Q. My lawn is mostly moss ,when treated how long should i wait if i have to sow grass seed

    Answered by Longacres 28/5/2018

    Once treated this should be left for 6 weeks. 

    Q. Can you buy bigger boxes as I have a large lawn?

    Answered by Longacres 28/5/2018

    Yes, we stock a 200m bag

    Q. Where can I buy the 200m bag as I have a large lawn?

    Answered by Longacres 9/6/2018


    We stock this product. Please call the number on our website and you can place an order over the phone. Alternatively, you can come into store and buy this product.