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Your Cyber Monday Choice: Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

The holiday season is all about giving and sharing. It is now about making the most of great deals as well. We are not just talking about January Sales; this year, we are celebrating Cyber Monday as well! Cyber Monday At Longacres Garden Centre, we offer great deals on the most iconic decoration every household must have: Christmas trees. We feature only the best real and artificial trees, meaning we have a tree to suit every home. What makes this festive season even more special is that for the first time, we are offering Cyber Monday deals! You can now purchase among our selection of Lemax products, Christmas trees, and all lights and decorations for a full 24 hours on Monday December 1st. As Christmas is just around the corner, you can benefit from the discounts we have on all our tree ranges, be it the real thing or the artificial kind. The problem is, some people are not sure which tree to buy. After all, there are great reasons behind both! Real or Artificial? Artificial trees have become a more feasible choice in the eyes of many. The first artificial tree came around during the 1800s in Germany. It is assumed that the prevailing economic condition of the time contributed to this development. What has become clear is that the latest generations of artificial Christmas trees are so similar to the real thing, it has become difficult to spot the difference. There are many people, however, who point out that the similarities end there. It has been the tradition of many households in the UK and around the world to buy a real tree and decorate it with their favourite decorations. The Christmas spirit, for them, will always have to feature the tree that comes complete with the scent only the real thing can offer. Artificial trees have a new weapon in this area now though - an amazing new product which makes your artificial tree even more realistic - Scentsicles. This December 1, enjoy 15% off Lemax ranges, real and artificial Christmas trees, and all lights and decorations including acrylics. Grab that amazing opportunity this Cyber Monday only at Longacres Garden Centre. Visit the one-stop online shop for all your gardening needs, from plant seeds to gardening tools and accessories.