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Kikka Digga Garden Fork & Spade Easy Digging Attachment

Kikka Digga Garden Fork & Spade Easy Digging Attachment
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Kikka Digga Garden Fork & Spade Easy Digging Attachment

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Product Details

Kikka Digga is a very simple yet clever universal gardening tool attachment for all garden forks and spades, it allows you to gain extra leverage and force whilst digging. It adds a levered foot-plate to your fork or spade to act as the fulcrum, whereas traditional digging with a standard fork or spade requires your lower back to take the strain which is both ergonomically and physiologically incompatible with the human spine, hence back strain being the most common injury for gardeners and landscapers alike. By placing your foot on the Kikka Digga foot-plate, you simply pull back on the handle of your garden fork or spade to lift the load without the need for bending, save time and your back whilst gardening or landscaping.

Break the ground, not your back - Back pain is the most common injury for gardeners, digging is one of the biggest strains you can put on your back. With the Kikka Digga tool, we have developed a simple new way of making digging easy, reducing the possibility of back injuries for gardeners, construction workers and any other professionals who have to dig as part of there livelihood. The garden fork and spade design hasn't changed much since their invention, Kikka Digga (or Kicker Digger) isn't trying to reinvent them either. Kikka Digga very simply improves on the garden spade and garden fork function thus making them more ergonomically friendly to you, the end user, it's ideal for all; maybe you have dexterity issues or to simply want to get the job done in a quicker and safer manner, or get your kids into gardening, Ground breaking innovation.

Fits any garden fork or spade - Easily attaches in seconds, halves the time and effort required over traditional digging medthods. Fits onto any standard Garden Fork, Garden Spade, Border Fork, Irish/West Country Fork made by Spear and Jackson, Burgon and Ball, Bulldog, Rolson, Fiskars, Charles Bentley, Kent and Stowe, Wilkinson Sword, Wolf Garten.

Robust high strength design - Made in the UK, Rust Resistant, High Tensile Strength Steel, Lightweight design: Around 950g (2017 model) Ergonomically tested by: Plumpton Agricultural College, Royal Horticultural Society, National Allotment Society, Awarded by GIMA for innovation GLEE 2016, Chartered Institute of Ergonomics, Design Council.

Clever foot-plate lever system - Using Archimedes law of levers, Kikka Digga functions based on the law that leverage is easier with a fulcrum point. The footplate clamps onto the shaft housing and adjusts to varying diameters of garden fork or spade shaft sizes. Functions similar to that of the Wolf Terrex Auto Spade, only Kikka Digga is dig from go, even compacted ground or clay soil. Use as a weed puller or tiller.

Takes the hard work out of digging, prevents back strain - Love gardening but hate digging? Digging is a pain in the back, but with Kikka Digga, no bending or lifting heavy soil is required, Kikka Digga makes it so easy to dig the soil without putting any strain on your back by allowing you to dig from a standing position which equals better ergonomics... and economics. Gardening is good for you, digging is not - Kikka Digga bridges that gap to get you 'back' in the garden. Can also be used for construction, DiY or simply breaking ground.

Ground Breaking, ace your spade - add force to your fork - Dig in half the time and effort, without breaking a sweat. Quick and easy to attach, fully adjustable for all forks and spades, save on chiropractor fees or pain medication caused by digging and gardening.


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