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How many lights do you need for your tree?

Whatever you style, tastes or budget, for most people the focal point of any home this year is the Christmas tree with its sparkling lights. A question we get asked a lot every year is how many lights do I need for my tree? That’s why we’ve put together this helpful little blog post to give you a general idea of how many lights are just right for your tree. The below is a general rule of thumb and you can use more or less lights depending on personal tastes. Tree Size Lights Needed 3 - 4 Foot 100 Lights 4 - 5 Foot 200 Lights 5 - 6 Foot 360 Lights 6 - 7 Foot 480 Lights 8 Foot + 720 Lights Now that you know, it's time to start shopping for some lights! Our most popular range is our selection of Supabrights from Premier Decorations.…
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